Frequently Asked Questions


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Do I need specific brake pads for racing?
Got a race car? Getting into racing? You need a good brake pad. Hawk brake pads and systems are specifically designed for racers, on dirt, asphalt and everything in between. 

When you are designing your brake system, you need to consider the surface on which you are racing, the duration of the race, the weight and size of your car and the speed you hope to attain. You also need to consider the existing brake system - it may be easier to just install a new system altogether - especially on with a brand name like Hawk. 

Obviously your brakes are an incredibly important part of your safety equipment, but that doesn't mean you need to shell out tons of cash. Shop around online to make sure you are getting the best price on your new hawk brake pads and then race to your hearts content!
Can I just replace the muffler or do I need to replace my whole exhaust system?
Don't think you can just throw a big muffler on your car and start blowing the doors off other cars. To get the most out of your engine, look at the exhaust as a system, from exhaust port to tailpipe. 

Keep in mind; some exhaust modifications are illegal on newer cars, so let's just say you have a 69 Charger. Replace your factory cast iron exhaust manifolds with a good pair of higher flowing headers. The exhaust pipes going back to the mufflers should be as straight as possible, to aid airflow. If you're running more than 500 horsepower, don't go with anything smaller than 3 inch pipe. Finish it off with muffler of choice, and nice chrome tips. THAT'S an exhaust system.
Washable Air Filters vs. Disposable Air Filters
Depending on your car and what you want to achieve, you need to consider the pros and cons of washable air filters vs. disposable air filters. 
If this is your daily driver, for the most part, a disposable air filter will serve your needs. They are cheap, easy to find and quick to install. 
If you are looking for a high performance boost from a higher end air filter, washable may be just what you are looking for. They are more expensive up front, but because they are washable, they have a longer life. 

What brand you ask? K&N air filters have a great reputation and a great warrantee (10 years). Now, the only issue with washable air filters is that they are harder to find. This is exactly the kind of car part that is perfect for buying online. You get a better price and you know you can find them.
What are brake pads made of?
Brake pads of today are made of many varied materials including Kevlar, Titanium, Ceramic, Ferro Carbon etc. Brake pads are created for very specific driving conditions and applications. Daily drivers need different automotive brake pads than race cars and off road vehicles.

Ceramic brake pads, like Akebono brake pads, for example, are quieter and they generate less dust than most “organic” brake pads. These benefits are based on comfort and cosmetics rather than functionality, but ceramic brake pads are durable and dependable. In fact, ceramic brake pads can extend brake life when compared to semi-metallic and organic brake pads.
What is an Alternator?

An alternator is the base of the charging system of your car. Not only is it integral to all of the electric systems of your car - the radio, the lights, the fan etc. - it also keeps your battery charged. When cars were first built, car manufacturers actually used small generators for their electical systems. Alternators offer more efficient power and they are also safer. When your car alternator fails, so does your car as your battery is completely depleted. 

When your battery light goes on, it may be the battery, but 9 times out of 10 it has something to do with a failing alternator. For newer cars, a mechanic is almost always necessary for a swap, but that shouldn't stop you from buying your car parts yourself. By shopping around on car parts websites, you may be able to get the part for less money and just provide it for your mechanic.

What does an air filter do and why should it be changed?

A car's engine is basically a great big gas powered air pump. 

Consider a basic four stroke engine, gas fired engine: 
• Air comes in through the air intake, and travels through the air cleaner. 
• Gas is added to the air and that mixture is compressed inside the cylinder; when the atomized mixture is at its densest, the spark plug is fired. 
• This ignites the mixture, and forces the piston down into the cylinder. 

When all the pistons fire as they should, the driveshaft turns, and your car goes vroom. This complicated process requires precise ratios of air to fuel to be at top efficiency, so a clean air filter is essential. Dirty air filters can choke an engine, decreasing gas mileage, and cause fuel deposits to form from a * too rich * fuel mixture. 

Air Filter Tip: Check your air filter every 12000 miles to ensure it is at its peak performance, and replace it when it becomes dirty. Your car and your wallet will thank you.