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Used Honda Transmissions in Jamaica

Every owner of a Honda automobile must be aware that engines and transmissions are the most important vehicle parts that can make the vehicles drive successfully. But a time will come that these auto parts such as the transmissions will need to be repaired or even replaced. Repairing these auto parts cost a lot of money so it is advisable to get a good quality used transmission.

Either way, here are some tips you should know when buying a used Honda transmission in Jamaica West Indies


Since used transmission comes from a wrecked, salvaged, scraped or damaged vehicle, it most likely has not been road tested yet. The only best way to check a used transmission is to make sure that it runs smoothly when shifting through all the gears. You can do this after the transmission is installed to the vehicle. We suggest asking about the warranty that is offered for the used transmission. Some junkyards in Jamaica will offer a 3 to 6 months warranty.

Many reputable junk yards in Jamaica may offer a warranty. If so negotiate one if possible. Even if it is only for 30 days that should give you enough time to inspect what you expected from the used transmission you purchased from them. Prior to the warranty expiring you may also want to take it to another garage to have it inspected or by someone else in the know that you trust. Buying a used transmission can have its benefits, but you have to be aware that you are buying a used transmission and making sure you are dealing with a reputable hopefully longstanding or multi-generational family owned salvage yard typically means that they are doing it right and should give you some piece of mind. Buying used auto parts makes some people feel uneasy. This should not be a problem if you go to a trusted and experienced used Honda parts specialists as Superior Auto Parts. There, you can often find almost-new parts and components that have significant years and miles left on them.

Before you go to Superior Auto Parts to buy the used transmission in Jamaica you should follow these steps:

• Make sure you know what you are looking for. Consult your car's manual to determine the exact type of transmission that your car has and the specifications you need.

• Determine what actual parts you need. If you have an automatic transmission, look for other components that are needed such as a torque converter. If you have a manual transmission, you may need a new clutch in addition to the exact transmission. .

• Carefully examine all parts. When you visit the junkyard, look at all of the components of the transmission. Cycle through all gears of the transmission and make sure that you do not hear any suspect noises, especially grinding. It should be fairly easy to get through all gears. You should also examine the input and output shafts to make sure the input shaft is not too loose and the output rotates easily.

Superior Auto Parts offers a turnkey solution for buying used Honda transmissions in Jamaica. We will supply and fit the used transmission for you while you wait comfortably in our customer lounge.

In our next blog post we will be talking about buying used Honda body parts in Jamaica

Should you require any further information about buying used transmissions in Jamaica then contact us by clicking here


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