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Brake skimming services in Jamaica West Indies

Did you ever have the shocking experience of driving down Spur Tree Hill or descending one of the mountains on the highway 2000 and when you apply the brakes, the vehicle suddenly starts to shakes?

Now you are wondering if the wheels are coming off the vehicle. Don’t panic. The problem is that your brake rotors are warped and needs to be resurfaced/skimmed. Now depending on the type of vehicle you drive, getting the brakes skimmed can take from 2 to 4 hours, if you do this the conventional way.

Majority of mechanics or garages in Jamaica will have to disassemble the frontend of the vehicle to remove the brake rotors. Then take it to the machine shop to have them skimmed. They will collect it sometime later and then fit the skimmed brake discs/rotor back onto the vehicle.

Superior Parts Ltd now offers the latest technology in on-car brake skimming services. The average time to skim a pair of brake rotors in Jamaica at Superior Parts is between 30 to 45 minutes. Most cars will take 25 minutes to skim a pair of brake rotors. SUV’s, vans, and pickups will take from 30 to 45 minutes due to the fact that they have a bigger rotor.

Sometimes, depending on how bad the rotors are, you may need to change brake pads. Our brake technician will examine your brake pads to see if they need changing and if they do then Superior Parts Ltd can supply you with quality OEM or aftermarket brake pads.

Our technician will also inspect your brake callipers to see if it needs cleaning and also check the level of your brake fluid.

What causes brake rotors to warp?

Brake rotor warping isn't as severe as it sounds. Warping actually just refers to an uneven surface, mainly caused by heat. The brake rotors on your vehicle can be warped in the following ways:

  • The brake rotors become glazed with material from the brake pads. This happens when the brake pads get very hot which causes the pad material to rub off onto the surface of brake rotors. This causes the surface of the brake rotor to become uneven and decrease the overall stopping efficiency of the brakes.

  • The surface of the disc rotor can also wear down and certain metal areas can be raised higher than others. This only happens with excessive heat, which can happen if you are constantly apply pressure to your brakes or you drive very fast downhill and keep applying the brakes. This heat causes the metal to become soft, which can cause the metal to wear down in certain spots making the surface of the rotor uneven.

A good way to prevent brake rotors from becoming warped is by being mindful of your braking habits. When you constantly press on the brakes or hold them down for an extended period of time, you can cause the excessive heat that can warp the rotor surface. If you do have warped brake pads, you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Excessive squeaking when braking

  • Smell of burning rubber

  • Braking is jittery and inconsistent

  • Vehicle vibrates when coming to a stop

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, bring your vehicle Superior Parts Ltd for a brake inspection. We will perform a visual inspection of the brake system to determine if your rotors need resurfacing.

Need more info on this process? Then visit our website brake service page at for more info about our brake rotor skimming services.

Our brake skimming service is done at our head office located at 88 Hagley Park Road.

Give us a call or stop by today!

Superior Parts Ltd

88 Hagley park Road

Tel 876-929-4410


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