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Engine specifications


Engine manufacturer:

Honda LDA

Engine type:

spark-ignition 4-stroke

Fuel type:

gasoline (petrol)

Fuel system:

indirect injection + electric motor (hybrid)

Charge system:

naturally aspirated

Valves per cylinder:


Valves timing:

i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control + VCT)

Additional features:

PGM-FI; SOHC; VCM (variable cylinder managemant) + electric motor




Hybrid start-stop system

Emission control:

3-way catalyst, Lambda-Sensor

Emission standard:


Cylinders alignment:

Line 4


1339 cm3 / 81.5 cui

What power?


Horsepower net:

72 kW / 98 PS / 97 hp (JIS net)

Torque net:

167 Nm / 123 ft-lb

Horsepower gross:


Torque gross:




Car power to weight ratio net:

63.7 watt/kg / 28.9 watt/lb

Car weight to power ratio net:

15.7 kg/kW / 11.5 kg/PS / 25.7 lbs/hp




Honda Fit Green 2012 (Hybrid)

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