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Honda Timing Belts in Jamaica

While many people do a good job changing their own oil or tires, there are important vehicle components, such as the timing belt, that need to be left to the professionals.

Simply put, your Honda’s timing belt keeps your engine’s valves and pistons working in sync.

A broken timing belt will not only shut down your engine immediately, but is likely to result in engine damage and very expensive repairs. With so much at stake, why take a chance with inferior timing belts?

Have your timing belt inspected at the recommended intervals — and at replacement time at Superior Auto Jamaica. When replacing timing belts we recommend using Genuine Honda Timing Belts.


For Hondas manufactured after 1997, it is recommended to have this changed every 105k miles (not 60k miles like many other cars). DO NOT try to squeeze the life out of the timing belt because it will eventually break and potentially damage your entire engine; meaning hundreds of dollars worth of auto repairs and possibly an entire new engine.

Your safe bet is to replace the belt every 105k miles. However, if you hear slapping sounds coming from the engine, bring the car in because the timing belt might be loose. You can also visually inspect the belt from time to time; you should look for cracks, shredding, excessive slack, or oil leaks from adjacent seals.

Rest assured that the small price you will pay to have the belt replaced could ultimately save your engine and save you a lot of money. Check your mileage and if your Honda is near the 105k, 210k, etc. -mile mark, bring it to Superior Auto to get your timing belt replaced.

Honda Genuine Timing Belts are designed for exact factory fit to prevent belt slippage, and constructed with original premium materials for maximum durability and crack resistance. Don’t put your engine at risk with other brands. With a Honda Genuine Timing Belt from Superior Auto, you can drive with confidence.

Looking for genuine Honda parts in Jamaica? Contact Superior Auto today.


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