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Toyota Probox Parts in Jamaica

Looking for new and used parts for your Toyota Probox?

Contact Superior Parts today for all your quality autoparts.

Some of the parts that we stock are cabin filters, brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, shock absorbers, tie rod ends, control arm bushings, stabilizer links, strut mounts, hubs, cv joints, control arms, alternators and alternator belts, ignition coils, door panels, bonnets and more.

The Toyota Probox is a light commercial van first introduced in August 2002 by Toyota, Japan. It has similar features with Toyota Succeed since they have 5-door,2- or 4-seater capacity. It was not until 2014 that a significant upgrade was made (only minor changes had been realized in the previous years). Since then, the difference between Succeed and Probox has been minimal. The only significant difference is in their emblems. Toyota Probox Van DX (NCP51V), also known as Toyota Succeed (2002-2020), has undergone massive changes, especially on the front end (optics, wings, hood, and bumper) but with fever changes on the behind. The Probox is designed to operate by a left-hand drive conversion as a taxi or a delivery van.

Toyota Probox Van DX ( NCP51V)


Manufacturer : Toyata Japan.

Also called: Toyota Succeed ( 2002- 2020),Mazda Famimila Van ( 2018- present)

Production : 2002 - present

2002-2014 ( model XP50)

2014-present (model-XP160)

Assembly Japan: Oyamazaki Kyoto

Chasis and Body.

Class: Light Commercial vehicle

Layout: Front-engine, four-wheel drive: Front-engine, Front-wheel-drive

Body Style : 5-door station van/wagon

Platform : Toyota NBC Platform ( 2002- 2014)

Toyota B platform( 2014-present)


  • 4-speed automatic

  • 5-speed manual

  • CVT( 2018)

The 2015 facelift.

In late 2014 and early 2015, Probox underwent a massive facelift significantly in which it was redesigned to become the pre-facelift Succeed replacement. Some changes include the brake lights, and the rearview camera being put on a trim level.

The new modified Toyota Probox now features more appealing body colors stylish design while retaining some of the previous distinguishing features of the initial version. For example, the synthetic rubber inserts are positioned on the sides of the bumper (often black).

Generally, Probox Toyota includes a full power line and is also equipped with a gasoline engine (1.5 liters (103/109 hp) or 1.3 liters (95 hp).

Significant changes in Probox Toyota internal space.

A spanking new front panel. A more resourceful air conditioning in every trim level. The space adjacent to the drivers cabin is much more spacious, giving the driver a room to better their workspace for a comfortable ride. In general, the internal space of Probox has undergone significant changes over the last seven years; compartments, holders, stands, and the sliding table whose table has been increased in size. The front seat is made of fabric upholstery and fixed head restraints. The back sofa comprises a hard bench that features a diamantine upholstery.

The F configuration comprises a front seat with a movable head restraint and high-quality upholstery. The comfortable back seat includes fabric upholstery. It also has a thick pillow with raised head restraints. The power windows are ordinary on GL (two front), DX Comfort (drivers windows), F (all four). The hybrid model features heated front seats and climate control technology. The 2015 Toyota Probox powertrain has been under massive renovation; a CVT is currently used rather than the automatic and classic manual transmission. The engine that has survived restyling is the 1.5-Liter INZ-FE. The 1.3-liter versions modified their brand so that instead of 2NZ-FE, there is a more advanced 1NR-FE which features an advanced torque.

The updated body of suspension Toyota Succeed and Plobox are designed based on the previous standard schemes needed in compact cars. For example, in MacPhersons front strut, the rear is a simple bean containing trailing arms.

The suspension was entirely reconfigured after the model was upgraded. Besides, the steering was also fitted with an electric power amplified speed sensor.

The front ventilated brake disk and the overall disc diameter increased from 13 to 14 inches to enhance the braking system.

Car body dimensions.

Length 4245 mm,

Width 1690 mm,

Height 1525 mm.

Wheelbase 2550 mm,

Ground clearance 130-140 mm.

Turning radius 4.9 m.

Payload about 400 kg.

The luggage compartment has been enlarged to be more spacious and features a square-shaped opening.

The entire back seat is designed to recline in Probox models, DX Comfort, GL, and DX. Besides, it has a water-proof coating, thus making it much easier to clean its trunk. In Probox Model F, the actual seat is designed to fold in two steps. The cushion is forward folded, followed by lying the back. This results in a flat surface and floor covering.

After the 2014 upgrade, Toyota Probox became safer primarily due to advanced safety equipment. They include an ABS that consists of an EBD, two airbags, emergency braking warming, i.e., braking light flash in case of an emergency braking.

Auto Parts for the Toyota Probox.

Indeed, it would help if you kept your Toyota Probox/ Toyota Succeed in good condition and running smoothly for your safety and extended car service lifespan. Although there is a wide range of auto parts you can consider for your Toyota Probox, in this post, we will discuss the critical auto parts for your Toyota Probox. They include but are not limited to:

Toyota Probox Brake pads.

Your Toyota Probox is equipped with brake pads. The vehicle wheels are directly connected to brake rotors, turning together during motion. When you apply pressure on the brake pedals, the brake calipers, in turn, transmit that pressure to the brake rotors. Typically, the brake pad is located between the calipers and rotors. The primary purpose of these brake pads is to reduce the friction level that would otherwise occur in the case of metal-to-metal friction. Over time, due to wear and tear, these brake pads get worn out and therefore need replacement. Failure to replace them can result in a screeching sound when brakes are applied. If some brake pads are completely worn out than others, then your vehicle will pull on one side. This is a clear indication that your pad is worn out. The type of your Toyota Probox determines the kind of brake pads you need for replacement. Fortunately, we stock all types of Toyota Proboc and Toyota Succeed brake pads in our store. We have, Semi-metallic pads for conventional uses and specialized pads designed to reduce noise levels and prevent dust contamination. We are more than capable of helping our clients choose the best brake pads for replacement. Remember, the best brake pads should be effective under any weather condition.

Brake shoes.

While brake pads and brake shoes serve almost the same purpose, they operate in separate braking system parts. So, what is the purpose of brake shoes? Brake shoes host the brake lining found on the inner part of the brake drum system. They are simply a piece of curved metal fitted with a friction-resistant material on one side. When applying the brake, the wheel cylinder inside the drum brake system pushes the brake shoe outward to press against the inner drum side. This friction between the drum and the lining thus stops the car. In the process, heat is generated, which causes wear and tear.

The Toyota Probox brake shoes are fitted at the rear axle for more effective braking purposes, i.e., braking more sharply. Brake shoes are less expensive, last longer, and are generally more effective than disc brakes. So, do you need brake shoes or brake pads on your Toyota Probox?

Although you can't mix and pair on one wheel, i.e., use disc brakes with brake shoes or drum brake with brake pads, you can have both brake shoes and brake pads on your vehicle. Indeed, many Toyota Probox operates with the combination of these two brake parts. Often, your Toyota Probox is fitted with a disc brake system on its front axle while the drum brake system is held on the rear axle.

Air Filter.

What are the functions of the air filter in my Toyota Probox/ Toyota Succeed? In the same way, you breathe in oxygen to survive, your Toyota Probox also needs oxygen during the fuel combustion process. The air filter is designed to block dust, insects, sand, particles, or debris from entering the engine and ensure the correct air to fuel ratio for efficient performance. Toyota Probox air filters are available in different shapes depending on your vehicle model. For instance, cylindrical or circular panels. Air filters are made with pleated material which can filter air such as foam, cotton, or synthetic paper. You should change your cars' air filter regularly because it enhances your car performance. The engine receives clean air, and the proper air to fuel ratio is maintained for maximum power. You will save more fuel by decreasing the rate of fuel consumption due to complete fuel combustion.

Avoid your vehicle emitting black smoke, which results from incomplete fuel combustion hence dirty exhaust smoke.

Shock Absorbers:

Rear and Front. How do the front and rear shock absorbers function? Shock absorbers, a.k.a Snubber, are critical parts of your Toyota Probox suspension. They are designed to dampen or absorb the rebounding or compression forces from the rest or springs. Simply put, they help manage excess or unwanted spring motion so that your car tires are totally in contact with the road surface throughout. When your car hits a dip or a bump on the road, springs and suspension are set in motion so that your car tires remain in contact with the surface by absorbing the resulting energy. Both the front and rear shock absorbers help dampen the spring movement by helping convert the kinetic energy in the spring into heat energy. The heat is then changed into the hydraulic fluids, which is why shock absorbers contain oil-filled cylinders.

Over time, this fluid needs to be replaced or changing the entire shock absorber system in your car. Since shock absorbers reduce and slow down the size of vibratory motions, faulty shock absorbers may lead to unwanted vibratory motions in your Probox.

Engine mount.

What is an engine mount, and how does it work?

An engine mount holds your car engine in place. The transmission system and engine in your Toyota Probox are often held together by four or three mounts. The transmission mount has a transmission system, while the engine mount fits the engine. One engine mount side is fixed on the car frame or body while the other part is bolted into the engine. An engine mount serves two primary purposes: holding the engine in place and reducing unwanted engine vibrations that would otherwise cause discomfort while in your car. Typically, engine mounts comprise rubber materials to prevent metal-to-metal contact between the car body and the engine. Some engine mounts include a particular liquid medium that absorbs vibrations, while others use vacuum-controlled mounts to minimize such vibrations further, thus serving as vibration and shock absorbers. Rember, your car engine mounts need to be replaced when it wears out or fails since they do not need regular servicing or any maintenance.

Ball Joint. What are they and their purposes?

Ball joints are critical parts of your car front suspension systems. The front suspension system comprises complex joints, bearings, and bushings that ensure the car's front wheel can freely and independently move up and down and turn right or left simultaneously. Ball joints are made of ball and socket joints similar to your hip joint. They help in pivoting movement between the control arms and the steering knuckles for a smooth and safe ride. To ensure efficient operation, ball joints are filled with fluids such as grease and oil to lubricate the moving parts. This lubricating fluid needs to be changed at least once a year. We offer original ball joints for your Toyota Probox at an affordable price. Besides, our ball joints feature an improved design that allows easy lubrication to get rid of contaminants hence extended service lift.

Constant Velocity Joints (CV Joint)

The CV Joints connect parts of your car transmission system and the wheels. They are an extension of a driveshaft and are mainly used on front wheels. Each of your car drive wheels comprises double CV joints, namely the inner and out joints. The internal joint links the axle to the transmission system, while the outer joint links the wheel to the axle. The CV joint helps move the car's suspension in all directions. Your vehicle's old CV joint must be replaced if you want to keep your drive wheels rotating at the same velocity after you hit a pothole or when turning at an angle.

Rack End.

The primary purpose of the Rack end is to provide sufficient friction and pivoting action to ensure smooth vehicle handling. It helps appropriately respond to immediate road conditions, thus enhancing stable driving and maximum driving comfort. It also helps absorb vibrations and road conditions for stabilized vehicle handling.

Tie Rod Ends and Boots.

The tie rods and boots are the parts that connect the steering knuckles to the steering rack gearbox to transmit your turning input from the steering wheel to the wheels. Tie rods weave onto the steering rack to ensure proper steering adjustment of the alignment. If you realize that your tires have an uneven wear pattern, the chances are that your car tie rods and boots are failing and need replacement. Besides, if you hear a continuous squealing sound from your car's front, this could be a warning sign that something is not working well.

Control arm bushing.

Control arms, ball joints, and bushings are an essential part of your car suspension system that helps absorb shock for a smooth movement of the wheel up and down. Most small wagon vehicles, including Toyota Probox, are fitted with a single or dual control arm. The control arms help prevent rearward and forward movement for comfort driving and handling. Busing help to control arms, stabilizer bar, shock absorber, stabilizer links, transmission, and engine mounts.

Damaged or worm-out bushings should be replaced since they result in tire wear, discomfort, metal contact: vibrations, and noise.

Head Lamp.

A headlamp/headlight, a.k.a head torch, is the primary light source in your car. They allow you to drive at night, thus making them a very critical component of your vehicle. Toyota Probox headlamps are designed to position the light source at the front. Besides, LEDs are now becoming more adopted mainly due to their efficient power consumption, improved durability, and smaller size yet very powerful. It is essential to check your headlamp and replace it in case of malfunctioning.

Strut Mount.

Typically, strut mount is among the less popular part of a car suspension system. Often, it does not receive much attention like other components with critical suspension roles, such as shock absorbers. A faulty or damaged strut mount can result in poor vehicle handling, ride discomfort, and noises. Signs of a damaged strut mount include Uneven tire wear, steering issues, and unwanted vibration.


While the engine generates mechanical energy, the alternator uses used to produce alternating current in your that powers the electrical appliances in your car. An alternator comprises a rotor and stator that serve as magnetic and rotate to produce the current. This alternating current is converted into a direct current used to charge your car battery. A faulty alternator can result in undercharging or overcharging your car's battery, and if it happens for some time, it can damage your car electrical appliances. Signs of a damaged alternator include dim light, battery needing regular recharging, car ignition issues, and others.

Used Transmission

While it would be fantastic if our probox were made to last forever, that is not always the case! Cars need regular repair and maintenance, and one of those sensitive parts is a transmission system and the engine. Indeed, this is the reason why you find Probox owners visiting the junkyard areas to find used transmission systems for their car replacement. You need to be extra careful to avoid buying a lousy unit and spending your money on a transmission system that worsens the situation after the replacement Contact us today for your used probox transmissions.

Final thought.

Sometimes, we take our car maintenance for granted, especially if it is still working well. But, that should not be the case. For instance, why should you wait for your vehicle’s braking system issues to worsen as a result of ignoring a minor repair or replacement of a faulty part? Knowing a few things about auto parts can help you make the right decision to avoid serious issues in your vehicle. All our new and used Totota Probox auto parts are of superior quality. Contact Superior Parts today.



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