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The Toyota Probox is a light commercial van first introduced in August 2002 by Toyota, Japan. It has similar features with Toyota Succeed since they have 5-door,2- or 4-seater capacity. It was not until 2014 that a significant upgrade was made (only minor changes had been realized in the previous years). Since then, the difference between Succeed and Probox has been minimal. The only significant difference is in their emblems. Toyota Probox Van DX (NCP51V), also known as Toyota Succeed (2002-2020), has undergone massive changes, especially on the front end (optics, wings, hood, and bumper) but with fever changes on the behind. The Probox is designed to operate by a left-hand drive conversion as a taxi or a delivery van.

Toyota Probox Van DX ( NCP51V)


Manufacturer : Toyata Japan.

Also called: Toyota Succeed ( 2002- 2020),Mazda Famimila Van ( 2018- present)

Production : 2002 - present

2002-2014 ( model XP50)

2014-present (model-XP160)

Assembly Japan: Oyamazaki Kyoto

Chasis and Body.

Class: Light Commercial vehicle

Layout: Front-engine, four-wheel drive: Front-engine, Front-wheel-drive

Body Style : 5-door station van/wagon

Platform : Toyota NBC Platform ( 2002- 2014)

Toyota B platform( 2014-present)


  • 4-speed automatic

  • 5-speed manual

  • CVT( 2018)

The 2015 facelift.

In late 2014 and early 2015, Probox underwent a massive facelift significantly in which it was redesigned to become the pre-facelift Succeed replacement. Some changes include the brake lights, and the rearview camera being put on a trim level.

The new modified Toyota Probox now features more appealing body colors stylish design while retaining some of the previous distinguishing features of the initial version. For example, the synthetic rubber inserts are positioned on the sides of the bumper (often black).

Generally, Probox Toyota includes a full power line and is also equipped with a gasoline engine (1.5 liters (103/109 hp) or 1.3 liters (95 hp).

Significant changes in Probox Toyota internal space.

A spanking new front panel. A more resourceful air conditioning in every trim level. The space adjacent to the drivers cabin is much more spacious, giving the driver a room to better their workspace for a comfortable ride. In general, the internal space of Probox has undergone significant changes over the last seven years; compartments, holders, stands, and the sliding table whose table has been increased in size. The front seat is made of fabric upholstery and fixed head restraints. The back sofa comprises a hard bench that features a diamantine upholstery.

The F configuration comprises a front seat with a movable head restraint and high-quality upholstery. The comfortable back seat includes fabric upholstery. It also has a thick pillow with raised head restraints. The power windows are ordinary on GL (two front), DX Comfort (drivers windows), F (all four). The hybrid model features heated front seats and climate control technology. The 2015 Toyota Probox powertrain has been under massive renovation; a CVT is currently used rather than the automatic and classic manual transmission. The engine that has survived restyling is the 1.5-Liter INZ-FE. The 1.3-liter versions modified their brand so that instead of 2NZ-FE, there is a more advanced 1NR-FE which features an advanced torque.

The updated body of suspension Toyota Succeed and Plobox are designed based on the previous standard schemes needed in compact cars. For example, in MacPhersons front strut, the rear is a simple bean containing trailing arms.

The suspension was entirely reconfigured after the model was upgraded. Besides, the steering was also fitted with an electric power amplified speed sensor.

The front ventilated brake disk and the overall disc diameter increased from 13 to 14 inches to enhance the braking system.

Car body dimensions.

Length 4245 mm,

Width 1690 mm,

Height 1525 mm.

Wheelbase 2550 mm,

Ground clearance 130-140 mm.

Turning radius 4.9 m.

Payload about 400 kg.

The luggage compartment has been enlarged to be more spacious and features a square-shaped opening.

The entire back seat is designed to recline in Probox models, DX Comfort, GL, and DX. Besides,